Sunday, May 24, 2015

May favorites

Hello, Girlies.. I know it's early to post May favorites but I was asked to do it so I thought why not today. This month I'm very excited to share my favorites, Let's go..

Lady Gaga Fame I got this perfume few months ago but I haven't got the chance to wear it until recently and I loved it, it's a unique scent, for me it's a mix between honey and  musk.. I just love it.

Artdeco Perfect Teint Concealer #6 Artdeco is a German brand that I didn't hear about before getting this concealer, the coverage is okay but I use it to highlight and it does an amazing job, the only con is that it was too pricey.

NYX Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza I wear it every day, I don't put anything else on my lips, I love it so much that I want to get all the colors.

Beauty Credit Fresh Kiwi & Yogurt mask Beauty Credit is a Korean brand, I tried a mascara and a lip gloss from this brand before and I liked them so I wanted to try the skincare, since the Korean skincare is a trend now. I loved the mask, it moisturises and lives your skin soft and bright, and it wasn't expensive at all!

She Nail polish the color doesn't have a name but it's like fuchsia ,purple and pink in one nail polish.
Benna Chocolate cake it's cake filled and covered with chocolate , it's the perfect post-lunch treat. 

Whiplash Where do I begin? this movie is brilliant! J.K. Simmons is brilliant! the soundtrack is great! The last 7 minutes in the movies were so intense, The movie is not just about a boy who wants to become a professional drummer and his mentor is an as*hole, I think it has a deeper meaning than that.. Just do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven't yet.


  1. I am just about to make a post about whiplash! I love that movie. It is freakin brilliant!
    I have really been considering the Lady Gaga fame and I think that I will be buying it now.

    Cylia <3

  2. Wiplesh is great <3
    I am in love with the main actor ;))
    have a nice day sweetie <3

  3. Nice post girl. Love the chocolate cakes and concealer more.

  4. What an awesome lip color - such a pretty shade for warm weather!


  5. what a lovely selection . I would love to try Lady Gaga's perfume :)

  6. I've heard so many good things about whiplesh! Definitely need to try it!

  7. Great lot of favourites.
    Definitely some beauty goodies there that I will consider trying :)


  8. Lovely stuff!!! That chocolate cake seriously look so tempting, i wish i could grab a bit from my screen haha!!

  9. The maybelline lumi touch might be very similar to the artdeco concealer! :)
    That cake looks soooo good!!! :o

    Xoxo Jessy

  10. That chocolate cake looks amazing, right up my street!

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

  11. The blue earrings and rings are gorgeous! I follow you and like Diviene on facebook. I need these for my new job! :) Best wedding gown designer in the world

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