Sunday, October 20, 2013

running late

Hola, have you ever wake up late because you forgot to set the alarm the night before?
Well, you gotta be ready for those situations
Here're the stuff that i use when i'm runnung late for work after i take a quick shower:
1. Denim shirt
2. loafers: good for running 
3. glasses: no time to put on contacts
4. black leggings: comfy and don't need ironing 
5. colorful scarf
6. Palmers moisturizer
7. Garnier anti dark circles roll-on
8. The Body Shop big and curvy mascara
9. Oriflame lip impact crayon in "Intense Cherry" : i use it as a blush as well... and then i'm good to go


  1. lovely look,I like the scarf :)

  2. You've hit it just right. Great list you have here. Contact lenses prove troublesome to me - I still have to buy glasses. :)

    Lubna | Elle Vox


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