Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heba rambles: on being 25

I'm turning 25 next Saturday, and OMDG! lots of things have changed since my last birthday post.. lots of ups and downs, lots of stuff i learned and i want to share some of them with you, loves.

1. never, never, ever skip breakfast. I used to think that i'm not a breakfast eater until i realized how it really helps losing weight and how it gives your body the energy to burn more calories.

2. always watch/read something funny before bed, you'll be amazed how it will boost your mood next morning, I love to watch Seinfeld or read Donald Duck comics before sleep :)

3. always invest in a good foundation. There's nothing worse than the look of cheap foundation. 

4. don't buy cupcakes, bake them.. It is so much fun and the smell of baking is another mood booster ;)


  1. Happy Birthday in advance :),I love your post.

  2. Great tips and you are right about the foundation, Great and awesome way to invest your money surly without regretting it :)


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