Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday links

Hello dears, are you ready for the weekend? I'm very excited cause today I'll receive stuff I ordered about a month ago! anyway here're few links from my favorite blogs:

Melissa from "So about what I said" blog wrote about those animal hooks.. Aren't they adorable?! :)

Once i saw that landscape nail art i thought Effie from The Hunger Games could pull it off!

I'm baking these nutella bars tonight... here's the recipe.

have a relaxing weekend .xoxo


  1. so cuuuteee :)

  2. me encanta todooo!!

    New post on my blog

  3. Hnn... Nutella Bars?
    I am on a diet, I shouldn't be looking at this!

    Where's my Nutella glass again? *ponders*

    1. I'm on a diet too but we're allowed to have a cheating meal every now and then :)


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