Tuesday, May 15, 2012

small haul

I did a little shopping yesterday, it's been a long time since i had a "Me" time. I've always wanted to try Garnier brightening under eye roll-on .. Girls, have you tried it before? Does it really work?


  1. I love that Garnier roll-on. It's my best friend after a long party or when I haven't slept so well. It's not only hiding dark circles under eyes, it gives some kind of energy charge for eyes, so that your eyes don't feel sleepy!
    I recommend it!!!! ;)

    1. I agree with you, now it is my best friend too haha

  2. Hi Heba, I haven't ever tried the Garnier roll on, but I am obsessed with La Bello!! Now following your blog!

  3. I have that eye roll on! love it when my eyes are dry and burning.


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