Sunday, November 27, 2011

notes of style

So here's the thing, I love small bags and clutches but I always carry huge bags, I love how fake lashes make eyes pop but the idea of wearing them is freaking me out, and that's how I feel about skinny jeans ...I love how skinny jeans look but I would never wear them. 
So I was checking my Tumblr and I stumbled upon this picture
Big scarf +skinny jeans +leather shoes= chic winter outfit.
Do you have the same problem or it is just me??


  1. Love that photo. Am finally into skinny jeans. But I also love wide-legs!

  2. Maybe you should take it slow, carry a small bag some days and a big one others to ease yourself in :)

    Skinny jeans are fantastic if you get comfortable ones, don't get a pair that are super stiff and you'll be fine, trust me!

    As for fake lashes, I prefer mascara :) xxx

  3. I have the same problem too! I'm so low key when it comes to my style, but I think it's because I'm a little lazy. Wearing skinny jeans is great and comfy, but I prefer straight jeans because they're skinny without the overall discomfort. I get uncomfortable with huge bags, but I think it's because I really really enjoy using satchels.

    Anyway, this outfit is gorgeous. I'm especially in love with the sweater layers. It's perfectly chic for the winter time!


  4. I'm much more into skinny jeans than I am wide-legged ones. But I also like slouchy, boyfriend-type jeans. I'm sure lots of people are iffy about skinny jeans, though.


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