Wednesday, November 2, 2011

how to get inspired!

- Visit new places.
- Try to see the positive in everything, rather than the negative.
- Think out loud, even if you’re alone.
- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
- Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.
- Don’t try to make everything perfect.
- Take a different way to school/work.
- Sleep well (and enough).
- Listen to music.
- Enjoy the silence.
- Speak to foreigners.
- Don’t be afraid to copy others. It’s very likely that in the process you’ll come up with something original.
- Don’t compare yourself to others. This will just get in the way.
- Turn off your TV and computer.
- Read a book. And then read another one.
- Write down your ideas on paper.
- Put your heart and time into whatever you decide to do.
- Keep your workspace tidy.
- Do the things you enjoy more often.
- Stop wondering if your parents would approve.

Thank you ,Antonia for the great tips! 
P.S. you can visit her blog here.


  1. Don't be afraid to embarrass yourself and have an absolute laugh whilst doing it. Trust, it works. nice tips dear.


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