Monday, August 1, 2011

pieces from my weekend

Hi lovelies, how was your weekend? It's "Ramadan" over here so I'm really EXCITED. 
{there's a huge sale on shoes at Aldo stores here in Cairo, I bought these brown flats}

{my new discovery: Lipton Forest fruits tea.. So yummy}

{watching Seinfeld reruns}

This scene makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it.


  1. Haha oh, how I miss Seinfeld. That was such a good show. Enjoy Ramadan!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    We love watching Seinfeld reruns. I just blogged about it a few days ago. Attending a baby shower that requested for each attendee to bring their baby picture made me think of the episode with George at his parents house(who were out of town), and he was pretending it was his house because he had a girl with him...and she spotted his baby picture and was trying to figure out why a grown man would have a picture of himself out on display in his house... :)

    p.s. that tea is delicious-we have a similar one- it is a berry tea by lipton, but the packaging is a bit different.

  3. oh I love that episode ,it makes me laugh everytime I watch it :)

  4. I love Seinfeld. As they say, everything in life can be related back to a Seinfeld episode!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    musing about mohair

  5. Seinfeld reruns=amazing!

  6. That tea looks so good! Where did you buy it?


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