Monday, July 18, 2011

how to make beach-towel tote bag?

Turn bathroom towels into an all-in-one beach mat and tote bag. Start with 1 hand towel and 
1 bath towel in the same color (length of hand towel should equal width of bath towel).
For handles, sew a 3-inch section from each end of a 21-inch length of webbing to center of 1 long side of hand towel. Repeat on 1 short side of bath towel. Place hand towel on bath towel, so handles are aligned and facing. Stitch towels together along 1 long edge of hand towel, leaving sides with handles open.
To form sides of bag, stitch along short sides of hand towel, 4 inches in from edges (or along decorative stripes), creating a pocket. Flip inside out, and tuck length of bath towel into pocket. At the beach, turn inside out, and unroll the towel to use as a mat. If you prefer, stuff the pocket with a soft item to make a pillow.

P.S David & Victoria with baby Harper Seven... How cute are they!!


  1. Just found your blog, this is such a cute idea! I have never seen this beach towel bag before and I really like it, thanks for sharing.

    So creative! Following you now

  2. How creative!

  3. Such a cute idea! I may just have to create my own for those relaxing beach days.

  4. Photo and tutorial lifted from Martha Stewart website...not cool


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