Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in your beach bag?

For me a bottle of sunblock and a good book or a magazine and I'm good to go.
How about you, dear readers? What's in your beach bag? 


  1. I am loving that camera

    thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving your sweet comment, you have a very nice space yourself :) xo

  2. that is really all I need too. sunscreen, a good book and some water!

  3. Ooh! Two over-sized towels, my phone (for music), a good book, plenty of water and plenty of snacks!!

    And sunscreen and chapstick, let's not forget those ;)

  4. For me its all about a huge towel, sunnies and a few mags:) Happy Thursday, sunshine

    Ps: I’m hosting a great GIVEAWAY later today! I bet you’ll love it!

  5. For me it's a towel, some spf lip gloss, water and my phone. Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope you will come back often!

  6. the two things you mentioned, plus a bottle of water and sunglasses!


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