Friday, June 10, 2011

what's in my purse?

I love to see what's in other girls bags, I don't know why but I think it shows a lot of a girl's personality, don't you think?

My bag is Louis Vuitton (ummm, it's not an original :/) 

I usually have so much stuff in my bag. Here's what I carry with me in the daily basis: 
1. phone
2. wallet
3. eyeglasses
4. make-up bag(sewing kit+ extra socks+ band-aids)
5. keys
6. Glamour magazine
7. a book (now I'm reading "the hotel" by Arthur Hailey)
8. a notebook and a pen
9. sun block (by Avon) + moisturizer (by Kanebo)
10. coin purse
11. mirror
12. perfume (Celebre by Avon)
13. Creative zen stone
14. headphones
15. water bottle (not pictured)

when I was younger I used to not apply sun block before I go out, but now it is a must for me.
P.S a friend of mom had made this crochet coin purse for me, isn't it cute!!

Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. Dude. I know...I have so much stuff in my purse it's ridiculous...but I swear I need it all!

  2. Interesting post! ^_^

    Thank you for your comment!
    Kisses from Italy!
    ♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

  3. Thank u for your visit on my blog sister ;) I really wana traslate there for english, maybe few time later i do!
    I lov your blog, is really nice, i follow u here, if u like follow me there too!


  4. you are one classy lady! my purse is a total mess! ha. have a good weekend!

  5. love the crochet purse and of course glamour magazine! xo

  6. Ha! I love posts like this one!! It's so much fun seeing what people carry in their purses!

    Have a great weekend dear!


  7. Hey I loved ur post! I'm always curious what other people are carrying in their bag ;) Following you now! Follow me back! Thanks!

    Check out my Fashion Blog! xXx ♥

  8. Hey! Fun things in your purse! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll come again.
    Love Glamour magazine... and way to go on the SPF... very important! :)

  9. I'm with you, it's soo interesting to see what's inside the purse of another person. I love the coin purse!


  10. That's so lovely!!!

  11. youve inspired me to do a post like this one! :)

  12. I adore bag posts and your wallet is so cute.. Love the colour! Have a great Monday, sunshine

  13. I love bag posts too! I need to make myself a bag organiser for inside my bag. Cuz its full of stuff like yours!
    So glad I found your blog!


  14. i always like to see what people have in their bags- it's fun! i also like the idea of carrying extra socks along; sometimes when i'm in an air conditioned house in the summer my feet get cold. brilliant idea!

  15. Cool post, always fun to know what others have in there bag :D


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