Wednesday, June 8, 2011

did you watch sex and the city 2??

I've been thinking about this post since last weekend, in case you don't know I'm Muslim, and I had wore the head wrap about 4 years ago not because I had to but because I felt that I wanted to, I know alot of girls wearing veils (Niqab) and I know a lot of girls showing their hair.
but they kinda made it a big deal in the movie. women wear Niqab because they don't want to attract eyes to their faces (not because they don't have a voice) ,although I don't agree with wearing Niqab but I totally respect the belief. 

to tell you the truth, some lines made me upset like:
"It's like they don't want them to have a voice." Carrie Bradshaw
"French fries for the lady with the veil.
How is she gonna do that?
A lift for every fry.
That is a major commitment to fried food." Carrie Bradshaw
bottom line, Don't believe everything you see in movies.

WOW, I'm so relieved that I made my point. haha


  1. they have always said some really ignorant things on that show, but i heard that movie was atrocious with racism. im glad i havent seen it, it would make me really mad. just watch it on mute from now on.


  2. i thought it was a really insensitive and rude movie--truly i was shocked at how offensive a lot of the writing was. until then, id love everything else about sex and the city. glad to have read your post.

  3. hello there.

    i was annoyed about that fries comment. i'm not claiming knowledge of Muslim women, but i do know enough that some women WANT to wear the Niqab. i just felt they were being arrogant and 'look how free and advanced we are'.

    but having said that, Samantha represents that full freedom and she wasn't portrayed in a good light. so in some ways they balanced it out.

    so glad to read your perspective.


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