Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love ballet

I love ballet so much .I love everything about it ,the music ,the moves ,the energy. I guess I'm obsessed with ballet ,so I did a little interview online with real ballet dancers ,some of them were so open with their answers and some of them thought I'm a creepy girl who's stalking them haha.

Q. What dancers do while they're waiting before performing? I mean I always see them fixing their shoes so what else you guys do?

Taylor: usually nothing special.. stretch, talk, laugh, uhh and if its me, its probably eat food. hahaha
Miranda: stretch , crack jokes, be crazy, get pumped!  just whatever haha
Kristie: um...a lot of things. once you get ready with hair and makeup and costume, it usually is all about stretching. stretching and jumping up and down basically haha 
Jesse: Stretch, joke, argue, and if u like the dance you might take a couple min or sec to find ur inspiration for that particular piece.

Q.What's in your dance bag??

Taylor: ballet shoes, hair ties, socks, Neosporin 
Miranda: haha just a bunch of dance shoes... and tums :)
Kristie: hmm depends what kind of rehearsal I'm going to but generally...water, water, and more water. if I know exactly what I will be rehearsing, I can just bring my huge Marc Jacobs I always have but stuff it with a pair of socks so my feet won't get ripped up, band aids (because they usually do get ripped up), and my Free City sweats to warm up in. if I am just going to class, I usually bring my heels, combat boots, ballet slippers, and tap shoes too just in case i see something else I am interested in also. in NYC you never know what will pop up!
Jesse: shoes.....haha , although we can dance barefoot, but you can't tap without tap shoes, and it's easier to turn with jazz or ballet shoes for some, but I'm a boy so I don't need as much shoes as girls do, I only have jazz, tap, and ballet shoes .... 

Q.When was the last time you ate till you can't breath?
Taylor: hahaha like today probs
Miranda: Like yesterday! haha. I always eat too much.
Kristie:  haha um...I think a few weekends ago when I went to Kitchette with my friends. I got A LOT of food AND dessert and was stuffed :)
Jesse: Yesterday.... My Sister's bday Party


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  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! :)

    I LOVE your blog! :)

  3. this post remember me my best friend , also she is a ballet dancer.
    great post !
    kiss darlin!
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  4. love the post! i'm also crazy about ballet and i find ballet pictures so inspiring!
    love the interview!

  5. Heba, this is a great interview! I adore ballet too! I've never danced, but I enjoy going to the ballet when I can. It's just one of the most beautiful forms of art. If you ever get a chance, go to the Royal Opera house and watch a ballet performance. It's just magical.

    p.s. thanks for stopping by and don't forget to enter one of the giveaways.
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  6. What a great interview!! I love ballet too so this was such a fun read :)

  7. oh,dance + ballet :) reminds me of my childhood. i loved your last question!

  8. thank you guys :)
    it was fun talking to them and they were really nice.

  9. we started going to the ballet since we moved to NYC, and even the hubs enjoys it!

  10. Great interview, loved reading the answers. The dresses and all the pictures are so pretty.

  11. What an awesome idea for an interview! I totes adore your blog lady!


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