Monday, May 16, 2011

the creepy driver

Do you usually talk with the cab driver?? Today I was having a meeting. Suddenly there're no cabs in the street ,seriously NO CABS.
But I finally found a cab slowing down near me and the driver asked me where am I going? I jumped  in the cab then the driver started to talk, laugh and asking me weird questions like why are you going there?? He really freaked me out and what made it worse that he slowed down AGAIN for two women to get in. the first chance I had I left the cab and literally ran.. So how can you deal with a creepy taxi driver?


  1. That is so strange...Im glad that you managed to get off as soon as possible. I usually exchange a quick hello and that is pretty much it! Have a lovely Monday, sweetie

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  2. Hi Heba

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, and thanks for checking it out !!! hope you follow me !!! as i am your follower now !!!


  3. Some people just like to get to know other people. It may not have been malicious.

  4. i always have my guard up when i get in a cab...too many stories i've heard, i think. he was probably a harmless guy, but better safe than sorry!

  5. Holy crap that is scary O.o. Is this the first time you've had a creepy cab driver?

  6. yes, I always say hello and that's it nothing more


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